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Toyohiko Satoh
Immagine tratta dal post di Jonas Niederstadt citato nel mio post.

Bellissimo il post di Jonas Niederstadt, produttore presso la Carpe Diem Records, a proposito della sua esperienza di registrazione dell’ultimo CD di Toyohiko Satoh, fino qualche anno fa docente di Liuto al Conservatorio di Den Haag: Looking deep: recording lute music with Toyohico Satoh

Two or three days before a recording, Toyohiko stops practicing, stops playing at all. When we record, we usually do two or three takes of a piece. It is not about achieving perfection. Perfection is already there, all the time. When a note sounds, obviously it is perfect. When we call it imperfect, is that due to the angle from which we look at it? Maybe calling a sound imperfect is a very superficial way of looking at it.