Dialogo tra un liutista e un liutaio – 1551 & 1993

25_1119103785Il liutaio David Van Edwards ha inviato per e-mail un dialogo che – a quanto pare – aveva già pubblicato sul bollettino della Lute Society nel 1993.
E’ talmente “centrato” che lo pubblico così come l’ho ricevuto qualche giorno fa:

From the LS newsletter, November 1993:

Buying a lute, 1551

Good morrow, Master Laux; I wish to buy a lute.
Good morrow, kind Sir; here are 998 for you to choose from. Would you
have it large, medium or small? If the 392 large lutes in this small
chest are not your liking, I have another 175 upstairs.
Thank you, Master Laux; I will take this medium-sized one.

Buying a lute, 1993

I’d like to buy a lute please.
Ah, you’d like to order a lute. Do you want a 4-course for the medieval
repertoire, or a 5-course for the 15th century, or a 6-course, which
covers most of the 16th century, or a 7-course for the Elizabethan
repertoire, or an 8-course which gives you just that little bit more
flexibility, or a 9-course, which takes you up to late Dowland, or a
10-course for the early 17th century, or an 11-course for the French
repertoire, or a 12-course, which was probably much more common than
most people think, or a 13-course?
Of course, there are two different kinds of 13-course
Of course.
Now for the string length, I can do you 45cm for a treble, or 53cm in
a, or 60cm in g, or 57cm if you’ve got small hands, or 64cm in f#
(that’s a g lute at aA5, of course), or 67 cm in f, or 71cm in e, or
78cm in d, or 88cm in c, or 93cm for a great bass. Or I can do you a
really little one if you want to use gut strings.
Now you can have the body after Maler, or Frei, or Bosch, or Gerle, or
Hieber, or Venere, or Magno Dieffopruchar the Elder, or Magno
Dieffopruchar the Younger, or Hartung, or Greif, or Hess, or Hellmer,
or Langenwalder, or Buechenberg, or Unverdorben, or Mest, or Raillich,
or Giogio Sellas, or Matteo Sellas, or Coch, or Tielke, or Schelle, or
Eberle, or Widhalm, or Christian Hoffmann, or Martin Hoffmann, or Ian
Harwood, or Zachary Taylor.
You can have the ribs in sycamore, or Bird’s-eye maple, or figured ash,
or unfigured ash, or plum, or cherry, or yew, or cypress, or rosewood,
or kingwood, or snakewood, or walnut, or ebony, or wenge, or cocobolo,
or cryptomeria, or ecologically justifiable very realistic imitation of
ivory. I don’t do fibreglass these days.
You can have the neck in the style of…
No, no, don’t bother about the neck.
Well the varnish can be either three parts linseed oil…
Look, do it however you like, please. How soon can you have it

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